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Q: Can the toolkits be used for secondary schools, as well as primary?


Yes. All of the toolkits could be used for secondary as well as primary schools. We think they would be great as Eco Team/ Green Team projects for either primary or secondary!

Q: Why is there no toolkit for indoor pollution?


We have chosen projects which schools can do themselves. Indoor pollution, while extremely important, is very complex. Every school building is unique in terms of building age, design, how and when windows are opened and closed, and varying occupancy levels. So it is unfortunately not possible to give general guidance to schools on how to tackle this issue. Currently there are no UK design standards or testing criteria for air filtration systems, however if this changes in the future, we will produce a toolkit. 

But while it is not possible to give general guidance, schools could work with their local authority or an indoor pollution consultant to investigate pollution levels indoors and mitigation measures for their school.

Q: The resources mostly focus on nitrogen dioxide (NO2). What about particulate matter?

Particulate matter is a pollutant of concern. Unlike with diffusion tubes which measure nitrogen dioxide levels very cheaply, measuring particulate matter at school sites can be more of a challenge. However our personal exposure monitors which we can loan to schools do measure particulate matter. Please contact us if you would like to find out more at


If you are in London, the Breathe London programme which is re-launching soon has monitors which can measure particulates.


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