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This project has been developed by Cool World Consulting. Our team has been working on cleaner air campaigns with schools, local authorities and the Mayor of London, across the country for the last six years.


The aim of our work is to empower those we engage with to make changes to their behaviour and deliver projects that result in cleaner air.


Directors, Lucy Harbor and Tom Knowles, are both parents themselves at schools in London and Oxfordshire. Lucy's children attend a school that previously had very high pollution levels, and with the PTA and Head Teacher she has been delivering clean air projects at their school, as well as at over 50 schools across the UK through her professional work.


Tom and Lucy have also been campaigning for cleaner air with networks of parents such as Client Earth's Clean Air Parents Network and The Air Team

There is a huge will out there amongst many parents and teachers to clean up the air at schools. But due to the technical nature of pollution, people often don’t know where to start.



That’s the problem this programme seeks to address. What can we, the school, actually do ourselves to take on this issue?

This project is funded by the Clean Air Fund, and background research into clean air campaigns that have sparked public interest was carried out by project partner, Signify.

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